"Praying In Victory"

Translations and printable versions

These are known translations of Praying In Victory.
Feel free to pray or print these pages and pass out to others.
Many blessings to everyone who has translated Praying in Victory!



English New King James - original version

New International Version - translated by a lady in Oklahoma City, OK

Russian Version - translated by Alex and Tonya

Spanish Version - Sociedad Biblica Inte - translated by Celina Guerro

Czechoslovakian - translated by a young couple in Czech

Indonesian Version - translated by Pastor Harmento Ongho

Brazilian Portugese Version - The B.B. Kirkbride Bible; Thompson Reference Bible - translated by Italo & Rosa Aquino

Chinese Version - 4 pages - translated by a missionary to China. The book was translated by Rebecca.

India - Tamil Version - translated by Lily Dawson

French Version - translated by Anna Hamissou from Niger (this has not been proofed)

Amharic (Ethiopia) - a pastor translated it in Ethiopia and was brought to the states by a graduate student at O.S.U.