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Father, You are the God of Israel, and they are Your people.
You named them, though they did not know You.
Lord, cleanse them from their iniquities, and pardon all of their sins.
Save them with an everlasting salvation.
Raise them up in righteousness, and direct all their ways.
Redeem Israel out of all of their troubles.
Be a shelter for Your people,
and the strength of the children of Israel.
Bring health and healing to them and to their land,
Revealing to them Your abundance of peace and truth.
Let the eyes of their understanding be enlightened.
Give them the spirit of wisdom and revelation
in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Let Israel be to You a name of praise,
and an honor before all the nations of the earth.
Proclaiming all the good You do for them,
and causing fear and trembling among the nations,
because of all the goodness and prosperity You provide for it.
Restore everything that has been removed from them.
Send them grain and new wine and oil to satisfy them.
Make their enemies to be at peace with them
and no longer let them be a reproach among the nations.
Seek out Your sheep and deliver them
from the peoples and countries where they were scattered,
and bring them to their own land.
I pray for the peace of Jerusalem,
may they prosper that love you.
Lord, cause their enemies to cease from the land.
Make them and the places all around Jerusalem a blessing,
and cause showers of blessings to come down in their season.
Let Your people dwell safely in their land,
delivered from trouble from all the kingdoms of the earth.

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